The D100 base station supports the Feature key functionality of IP Office.

You can access features by pressing the Featur (Feature) soft key and then selecting the desired feature. For each selected feature, follow the instructions on the screen.

Note that the Feature key option is only visible when Idle, on a call (active), on hold, or pre-dialing. It is not visible while dialing, while navigating the menu, or during an incoming call.

The following table lists the features available.

Feature Details Feature label
Account Code Entry Enter an account code, up to 15 digits, for an incoming or outgoing call currently being handled. Acct
After Call Work Provide an interval of time between ending one call and receiving another hunt group call. Note that your system administrator configures the interval of time. ACWrk
Automatic Callback Set an automatic callback for a user that you have called but who has not answered. When the user next ends a call, the telephone system calls you and when you answer the system automatically makes a call to the user. AutCB
Automatic Intercom Call another extension and have the call automatically answered on handsfree after playing three beeps. If the called extension does not have a handsfree microphone, the user must use the handset if they want to talk. If the called extension does not support a handsfree speaker or is not free when called, the call becomes a normal call. IAuto
Button Programming The button programming feature lets you program function keys on the handset to activate the available IP Office features. For more information, see Button programming. BtnPg
Button Query Use the Button Query feature to query any of the programmable keys to identify the function that has been assigned to that key. BtnQy
Call Pickup Any Use the Call Pickup Any feature to answer any intercom, transferred, or outside call ringing at another specified extension. PickA
Call Park As an alternative to placing a call on hold, you can park a call on the system where it can be retrieved by another user. Using Call Park does not tie up a line, because the call is held on the IP Office call server. CPark
Call Record Where IP Office has Voicemail Pro installed, you can record a call and save the recording to the user’s mailbox, a group mailbox, or the voice recording library. CRec
Conference Meet Me Use the Conference Meet Me feature to place calls on hold and create conferences using either the phone or desktop applications. Additional conference members may be added, however a single conference may not have more than 64 members. CnfMM
Directed Call Pickup Use the Directed Call Pickup feature to access a ringing call, a held call, or a call in progress. You can select a line that is not assigned to your phone. DPkUp
Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb lets you temporarily stop incoming calls from ringing at your device. This feature also prevents the user from receiving hunt group calls. The system gives direct callers either voicemail, if enabled, or a busy signal. This feature can be enabled/disabled from the phone or using IP Office Manager. DND
Extension Login,

Extension Logout

Use the Extension Login and Logout features to log in and out of an extension. ELogI,


Follow Me Here,

Follow Me To

The Follow Me feature gives mostly the same behaviors as the user's home phone (Paging, hands free answer, etc.), whereas Forwarding does not. Follow Me is typically used when a user is going to be working away from their desk, for example in a workshop. Here+,


Forward All The Forward All feature forwards a user's calls to another extension or external number such as a mobile or cell phone. You can forward a call in a number of ways and if the call is not answered at the forward destination, it will go to IP Office voicemail, if enabled. FwdAl
Group Page Use the Group Page feature to make a page call to a group. GrpPg
Group Pickup Use the Group Pickup feature In a pickup group. Each member can answer another member’s calls. PickG
Private Call Use the Private Call feature to set the status of a call to private. Private calls cannot be recorded, intruded upon, bridged into, or monitored. PrivC
Relay On,

Relay Pulse

IP Office is fitted with two independent switch outputs for controlling external equipment such as door entry systems. The Relay On and Relay Pulse features on the handset toggle switches to be opened, closed, or pulsed, as required. Rely+,


Remote Park Like Call Park, the Remote Park feature lets you remotely park calls. RPark
Retrieve Call The Retrieve Call feature lets you retrieve parked calls. RCall
Stamp Log Your system maintainer may ask you to use Stamp Log to place a mark in the telephone system logs when a problem occurs. StmpL
Twinning When twinned, calls to your phone also ring at an external number that you can set. You can answer the call on either phone. Pressing the key show shows a menu to set the external number and to enable twinning. Select again to switch twinning off or change the twinning number. If assigned to a programmable button, the button is red whilst twinning is enabled. Twin