In addition to reading this manual, you should also have, have read and are familiar with the following manuals before attempting to install a system.

Related Documents

Upgrading Linux-Based IP Office Systems to R11.1
Covers the special process required to upgrade pre-R11.1 Linux-based servers.

Administering Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office Platform
This manual covers the installation and administration menus used for the one-X Portal for IP Office application. This manual is essential if the one-X Portal for IP Office needs configuring to support multiple IP Office servers in a Small Community Network.

Administering Avaya IP Office Platform Voicemail Pro
By default the voicemail server provides mailbox services to all users and hunt groups without any configuration. This manual covers the administration of the voicemail server using the Voicemail Pro client in order to enable additional features.

Administering Avaya IP Office Platform with Manager
IP Office Manager is the application used to configure IP Office systems and the Management Services service. This manual details how to use IP Office Manager and the full range of IP Office configuration settings.

Administering Avaya IP Office Platform with Web Manager
This covers the configuration of IP Office systems using the Web Manager menus.

Technical Bulletins

Avaya provide a technical bulletin for each releases of IP Office software. The bulletin details changes that may have occurred too late to be included in this documentation. The bulletins also detail the changes in the software release compared to previous releases and any specific actions required or restrictions that apply if upgrading from a previous release.

Other Documentation and Documentation Sources

All the documentation for IP Office systems is available from the following web sites:

Avaya Support Web Site -

Avaya IP Office Knowledge Base -