We do not recommend this method of uploading an ISO image to the server for remote maintenance of servers not located on the same local network as the PC. The file transfer is slow and does not continue or automatically resume if the IP Office Web Manager session disconnects during the transfer.

To transfer the ISO from the browser client PC:

1.Login to the server's web configuration menus.

2.Click Solutions.

3.Click on the Actions drop-down and select Transfer ISO.

4.Click Transfer from and select Client Machine.

a.From the Select ISO field, click Browse. Locate and select the ISO image and click Open.

b.Click OK. The menu shows the progress of the download.

5.When the download has finished, the menu displays the available version. Click Close.

6.The servers listed in the Solution overview show an icon_upgrade icon and Upgrade Available. Proceed to Upgrading from a downloaded ISO.