Account settings

You may wish to register a second account to the extension, especially if the IP Office control unit and the phone are located in separate countries. Otherwise, local calls using the telephone network, connected through the ordinary PBX or SIP server, would be connected as international calls. To configure account settings, you must access the advanced menu, which requires you to enter an administrator's PIN code.

  • IP Office Resilience Support: To support resiliency if required, you must manually enter the settings (user name, authentication name, password and realm fields) of the phone's "fallback account" to match the failover server configured within the IP Office network.


  1. On the phone, press MENU > SETTINGS > ADVANCED > enter your PIN > ACCOUNTS (or press 6,2,1 from the main menu—you will be asked to enter the PIN).

  2. Configure the account settings and press OK when you are satisfied. Refer to the table below for a brief description of the account setting options.

Account setting Description
Enable account It is possible to store account information for future use, but temporarily disable it.
Account name This is the name displayed on the screen. It can be set according to company standards.
User The account (customer) name.
Registrar This field should contain the IP address or the public name of the IP Office unit to which the account is registered, for example . for the local SIP server.
  • Changing the Port Used: If the port being used is not 5060 or 5061, the registrar address should be suffixed with : followed by the port number required. For example

Proxy Shall contain the proxy server used for Internet communication, if any. This field can be left blank. However, if used, it should include the proxy address and, if necessary, port required.
Realm The protection domain where the SIP authentication (name and password) is valid. This is usually the same as the registrar. If left blank, or marked with a “*”, the phone will respond to any realm. If specified, the phone will only respond to the specific realm when asked for credentials.
Authentication name The name used for the Realm authentication. This may be the same as the user name, but must be filled in.
Password The password used for the Realm authentication.
Registration interval This is a request to IP Office for when the registration should expire. Avaya B179 automatically renews the registration within the time interval if the phone is still on and connected to the server. The default value is 1800 seconds.