Configuring a Conference Add Shortcode

About this task

A Conference add shortcode can be used to place the user, their current call and any calls they have on hold into a conference. When used to start a new conference, the system automatically assigns a conference ID to the call. This is termed ad-hoc (impromptu) conferencing. If the call on hold is an existing conference, the user and any current call are added to that conference. This can be used to add additional calls to an ad-hoc conference or to a meet-me conference.


The Conference Add feature differs from the Conference button on the B179 unit, which is used to call and connect all members of a selected conference group.

To configure a Conference Add shortcode, use the following procedure.


  1. Using IP Office Manager, retrieve the IP Office system configuration.
  2. Select the Short Code icon.

  3. Create the short code for the appropriate feature.
  4. Send the configuration back to the IP Office.