The B179 SIP conference phone is a simple, sophisticated, conference phone solution that extends crystal-clear sound and smart productivity features to board rooms and large conference rooms alike. The B179 helps improve employee productivity and collaboration between customers, partners and suppliers. Use the instructions in this manual to operate and administer your B179 device with ease.

The Avaya B179 offers a host of innovative features:
  • OmniSound® audio technology

  • IP telephony for flexible and affordable telephony

  • The option to use two accounts simultaneously

  • IP Office-based conference support for 128 conferencing channels on the IP500 and IP500 V2 (each conference has a capacity of 3 to 64 parties)

  • Support for check-sync message to trigger software upgrades via IP Office

  • Support for IP Office centralized personal directory and centralized system directory

  • Active call management (dialing new parties, splitting a multi-party call)

  • Recorder capability

  • Resiliency; the Avaya B179 is a future-proof product that is constantly evolving with smart new features

  • (Optional) Extra microphone connection for wider reception

  • (Optional) Connection for wireless headset or PA system


Clean the equipment with a soft, dry cloth. Never use liquids. Cleaning your B179 device is that simple. Just try to store the device in a friendly and secure environment, away from potential hazards.