The buttons located around the perimeter of the button display are explained in the table below. The alphanumeric buttons are identified in the following section.

You can hold any button for two (2) seconds in order to open the phone book.

Button Description Button Description
C button
  • No/End/Back/Cancel

  • Start/Stop recording

Up arrow
  • Navigation in menus

  • Display of call list

Menu button
  • Settings menu

Down arrow
  • Navigation in menus

  • Display of call list

OK button
  • Yes/Confirm choice

Off-hook button
  • Answer/connect new line

  • During a call: Press to make a new call

On-hook button
  • Hang up/End line

Conference button
  • Automatic dialing of conference groups

  • Press to call and connect all members of a selected conference group

Line button
  • Line selection

Hold button
  • Hold call

Mute button
  • Mute call

Volume down button
  • Decrease volume level

Volume up button
  • Increase volume level


Entering text

Each alphanumeric button contains letters and characters - more than those shown on the button (see the table below). Press the same button repeatedly to change to another character. If there are two letters under the same button that you want to enter one after the other, you need to pause momentarily between each letter.

Press C to delete the last character you entered.

Button Options   Button Options
(blank) . - 1   A B C Ä Á À Ǻ 2
D E F É È 3   G H I 4
J K L 5   M N O Ö Ø Ň 6
P Q R S 7   T U V Ü Ú 8
W X Y Z 9