LDAP settings

Avaya B179 has support for an external phone book, which means it can communicate with a directory server using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The built in search function dynamically filters the content from the LDAP database, based on the search characters the user enter.


Once this feature is enabled, the B179 will be able to download the IP Office centralized personal directory and centralized system directory .

To make the LDAP phone book available, the administrator has to activate and configure the LDAP feature.


From the web interface, select Settings > LDAP.
The following table identifies the settings available for configuration:
Setting Detail
Enable LDAP The LDAP feature is disabled by default because it has to be configured.
Name filter Defines how the entered search characters are used. The filter is designed conforming to the string representation of LDAP search filters described in RFC2254. The character % in the filter string will be replaced with the search character entered by the user.


(|(sn=%*)(cn=%*)) - All entries with the search characters in the beginning of the sn OR cn attribute are presented to the user.

Server URL The IP address of the LDAP server host. Supports ldap and ldaps.
Search base The DN (distinguished name) of the search base.


dc=domain, dc=com.

Username Leave this field blank if the LDAP server does not require a username.
Password Leave this field blank if the LDAP server does not require a password.
Max hits The maximum number of hits to return for each LDAP search.
Display name Specifies how the search hits shall be presented on the display in Avaya B179.


%cn - shows the cn attribute.

%givenName %sn - shows the givenName attribute and the sn attribute with a space in between.

Sort results Sorts the search hits based on the Display name.
Number attributes Here you define the attributes that shall be displayed for a selected search hit.


mobile telephoneNumber - shows the mobile phone number and office phone number on separate rows for the selected Display name.

Country code By entering the country code where the phone is located, the country code in any phone number attribute is ignored, if it is identical.
Area code By entering the area code where the phone is located, the area code in any phone number attribute is ignored, if it is identical.
External prefix If a special prefix is needed to dial external numbers, it should be added here. Use this if you for example need to dial 0 to get a dialing tone.
Min length for external prefix Restricts the external prefix to be added only if the phone number is longer than the min length. This makes it possible to use short internal numbers.
Exact length for no external prefix The external prefix in not added if the phone number has exactly the entered length.
Number prefix for no external prefix All numbers that starts with this number will not have the external prefix added. Useful if you know that all internal numbers start with a certain number.