Navigating the menus

You can access the menu screen by pressing the MENU button. Use the same button to switch to and from a menu. Your options and actions will vary from menu to menu. The images and the table that follow identify the menu types and their various indicators.

Label Description
1 Current menu
2 Submenu
3 Marked option — select by pressing the OK button
4 Scrolling list — indicates the location of the marked option in the menu list
5 Existing settings
6 Marked option — select by pressing the OK button
7 Marked name — select by pressing the OK button

Navigation and selection in menus

Button When pressed
MENU button Open and close the default menu screen.
C button Cancel the setting or return to the previous menu.
OK button Selects the marked option. This button is also used as a confirmation button; after you have made changes to a setting, you must press OK to activate the new setting.
Arrow buttons Navigate to an option in the menu.
Numerical buttons Navigate to a corresponding option in the menu (see the menu trees below).

For example, press 2 to open PHONE BOOK and then press 3 to select EDIT CONTACT.