Network settings

You can configure network settings only if you have proper authorization. You must access the advanced menu, which requires an administrator's PIN code. However, you can also access network settings through the web interface, via Settings > Network.


  1. On the phone, press MENU > SETTINGS > ADVANCED > enter your PIN > NETWORK (or press 6,2,2 from the main menu—you will be asked to enter the PIN).

  2. Configure the network settings and press OK when you are satisfied. Refer to the table below for a brief description of the network setting options.

Network setting Description
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used by network devices (clients) to obtain the parameters necessary for operation in the IP network. This protocol reduces system administration workload, allowing devices to be added to the network with little or no manual configuration.

DHCP should be set to On if no other information is given. When set to On, all information on this page will be set automatically.

IP address IP address of the B179. The address is provided by the network administrator or service provider if DHCP is not in use.
Hostname Set to avaya as default. Can be changed to suitable name.
Netmask Usually set to to limit network traffic to the subnet.
Domain The domain where the device is located.

Can be left blank.

Gateway The device or server used for Internet communication.
Primary DNS The address to the primary DNS (Domain Name System) server—a program or computer that maps a human-recognizable name to its computer-recognizable identifier (IP address).
Secondary DNS The address of an optional secondary DNS server.