Obtaining logs

You can view and obtain logs using the web interface. There are five types of log messages that can be useful when troubleshooting. Read below the procedure for more information on the types of logs available.

  1. From the web interface, select Status > Log.

  2. Select the log you want to review and click the Change button.

    Clicking the Refresh button will add all the new messages sent since the present log was chosen.

Application log

This shows the phone application messages. The log can be filtered from “Fatal” (only the fatal error messages) to “Trace” (all messages).

The Clear log button erases all content in the log.

SIP Trace

The SIP Trace logs the communication between the phone and the SIP PBX.

The Clear log button erases all content in the log.

It is possible to disable the SIP trace log:
  1. 1. Select SIP logging Off and click on the Set button.

System log

Shows the phone system messages.

Device management log

Logs the device management activities.

Upgrade log

Logs the upgrade procedure.