Obtaining a network address

To connect to a network using DHCP: See the section Checking the IP address.

To connect to a network with static IP addresses: Use the following procedure.

Before you begin

You will need the IP address, host name, domain, netmask, gateway, DNS 1, and DNS 2. The host name can be set freely. The domain and secondary DNS can be left blank.


  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select the sub menu SETTINGS > ADVANCED (or press 6, 2 from the main menu).
  3. Enter the PIN code. The default is 1234.
  4. Select NETWORK (2).
  5. Select STATIC IP.
  6. Enter values for the IP ADDRESS; enter three digits (begin with 0 if necessary), press OK, enter three digits, and so on.
  7. Enter the HOST NAME (default is 'Avaya'), DOMAIN, NETMASK, GATEWAY, DNS1, and DNS2.

    When you are finished, the display shows 'DONE.'