Registering an account

The conference phone can be registered in a company SIP PBX or with a public IP telephony service provider. You can store settings for two accounts in the Avaya B179.

To register your phone, you must have access to the account information and all necessary settings that the SIP PBX or service provider requires.

For more information, refer to Account settings.


  1. From the web interface, select Settings > SIP.
  2. Click Yes at “Enable account” under Account 1.
  3. Enter the account information you have received.

    The account name can be chosen freely and is the name or phone number you want to appear on the phone display. Leave the default values if you have no other information.

  4. Select a method of NAT traversal if you have received this information.
  5. Select a different transport protocol if you have received this information.
  6. Save the settings by clicking the Save button.

    The Avaya B179 responds by showing “REGISTERING.” If registration is successful, your selected account name will appear at the bottom of the display screen next to a shaded square.

Next Steps

Configure your desired media settings. Refer to Media settings for more information.