Time settings


  1. On the phone, press MENU > SETTINGS > ADVANCED > enter your PIN > TIME (or press 6,2,5 from the main menu—you will be asked to enter the PIN).

  2. Configure the time settings and press OK when you are satisfied. Refer to the table below for a brief description of the time setting options.

    Time setting Description
    Enable NTP NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol for distributing the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by means of synchronizing the clocks of computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks.

    The B179 will set the date and time according to the Date header field in the SIP REGISTER response if no NTP server is configured.

    Time This field shows the actual time if NTP is enabled. Otherwise enter the correct time (hh:mm:ss) and save the setting.
    Date This field shows the actual date if NTP is enabled. Otherwise enter the correct date (yyyy-mm-dd) and save the setting.
    Time zone Select the UTC time zone in your country.
    Daylight saving This setting only adjusts the time by one hour and does not change the time automatically when the DST starts and ends.
    You can configure the following options:
    • Enable DST: Activate this option if your country uses DST (Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time).

    • DST Timezone: Select the offset from UTC time when daylight saving is in use.

    • DST Mode: When set to Automatic, the B179 uses dates stored in the phone to adjust for DST. When set to Manual, you need to manually set the offset two times a year.

    • Start/Stop Fixed Date:

      — Set to Yes if DST changes the same date every year in your country. Then select the time and date that it changes.

      — Set to No if DST changes a specific week and day each year (for example, third Sunday in March). Then select the month, week, and time that it changes.

    NTP server The NTP pool is a dynamic collection of networked computers that volunteer to provide highly accurate time via NTP to clients worldwide. These computers are part of the domain and part of several subdomains divided by geographical zones. They are distributed to NTP clients via round robin DNS.