Upgrading firmware using the web interface


Download and installation can take several minutes. Do not interrupt the upgrade and do not disconnect plugs to the Avaya B179 during the upgrade. Interrupting the upgrade may render the conference phone inoperable.


  1. From the web interface, select Settings > Provisioning.
  2. Click on the Check Now button.
  3. Compare the latest software version with the current version (shown on the same page).
  4. If you choose to upgrade, select a version in the list box and click on the Upgrade button.

    The browser window and the Avaya B179 display shows that the upgrading has begun.

    When installation is complete, the text “Upgrade Complete. The unit will be rebooted.” is shown in your browser, and after a while you hear the Avaya music signature, which indicates that the conference phone has started.


    If DHCP is used in the network, the IP address may have been changed. If the web browser loses contact with Avaya B179, check the IP address on the conference phone.