Using the web interface

You can use the web browser of a PC connected to the network to manage the B179 contacts, conference groups, and settings. For security reasons, recordings can only be managed directly on the Avaya B179. All other settings that can be made directly on the Avaya B179 can also be made via the web interface.

It is also possible to import and export contacts and conference groups, name user profiles, and change PIN codes, which can be done via the web interface or through the IP Office configuration file. The administrator can also view logs, update software and create a configuration file.

The default setting for the PIN code is 0000 for the user account (Default, Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3 and Profile 4) and 1234 for the administrator’s account (Admin). We recommend that you change the PIN codes in order to protect the settings. The code may consist of eight digits. The administrator can always view and change the PIN codes to the user accounts. The administrator’s PIN code can only be reset with a complete reset to factory settings. Refer to Reset configuration for more information.