EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

001: VM PRO/VM Lite

We have had occasional instances from the field of both the VM Lite and VM Pro stopping under high load conditions. Further investigation has revealed that the applications can consume Virtual Memory over a period of time depending on configuaration. To resolve this issue please ensure all VM Pro Server and VM Lite PC's are upgraded to 1.0.21. This software can be located on the IP Office Support Zone at the following location

The software will also be made available on a IP Office Patch CD (40YCD000ZUKAQ). This will be supplied to Authorised Distributors.

To install the new software on the VM Pro Server please ensure that the following Services are stopped before running the executable. It is also good maintenance practice to back up the VM Pro configuration before attempting an upgrade.


On VM Lite close down close the VM Server before attempting the upgrade.