EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

003: Managing Network Alchemy and IP Office Systems

9th April 2002


In order to run multiple versions of things like the manager application ONLY requires one install and then just the .exe files of the relevant applications.

For example, you first need to get hold of the Alchemy.exe files that you want so you will need to install them on a PC. Once installed make copies of the relevant .exe files you wish to use, i.e. manager.exe, callstatus.exe, pm.exe etc (you may also want to make a copy of the help file). Copy these files into a different directory, for example, C:\OldAlchemyApps\.

You can now remove (uninstall) the Alchemy Admin/User installation(s).

Now you can install your IPOffice Admin/User application/s as normal, once installed they will work as expected.

To run the older versions simply click the .exe files you copied over. You may want to create shortcuts for them and place them in the IPOffice folder in the "start menu", make sure you give them different names, manager2p2 for example.