US Technical Tips

007: DS Modules

20th January 2003

Product: IP Office Version: 1.3 Revision: 1.0


Cases of DS Module resets have caused questions on 44xx and 64xx set support on IP Office. The purpose of this Technical Tip is to clarify support of those sets by IP Office.

Operating Environment

IP Office 1.3. Release software.


DS Module resets when connected to more than 10 44xx terminals.


Due to powering capacities of the DS16 and DS30 expansion modules, no more than 10 4424D+ sets are supported per modules. As long as no more than 10 4424D+ sets are connected, any number of other sets may be connected to the DS module. Similarly, because of powering capacities, no more than one port on a DS module can be configured with DSS modules.


4400 Set Support: IP Office supports the 4406D+, 4412D+ and the 4424D+ sets. It also supports the 4450 DSS adjunct. The 4400D and 4424LD+ are not currently supported. The 4450 DSS module must be connected to a 4424D+. A maximum of two 4450's are supported.

6400 Set Support: IP Office supports the 6408D+, 6416D+M, and the 6424D+M. It also supports the XM24 expansion module. The XM24 DSS modules must be connected to a 6416D+M or a 6424D+M. The 6402, 6402D and the 6408+ sets are not supported. The 10 set limit for 4424D+ does not apply to the 6400 sets.

As long as the 10 set limit for 4424D sets is not exceeded, any other combinations of 4400 and 6400 sets are supported.