US Technical Tips

008: IMS Client

20th January 2003

Product: Integrated Messaging Client Version: 1.x Revision: 1.0


Unspecified Error 80004005 when trying to playback a message using the IMS Client.

Operating Environment


Customers using the Integrated Messaging Client application with Outlook, to receive notifications of new voicemail messages, may experience the following message.

When selecting the handset to playback the message, a dialog box similar to the message below may be received.

This error is typically only seen when selecting the handset as the Output device. If the message is embedded or attached a user can play the message using desktop speakers.


This error message indicates that there may be a problem with permission configuration, thereby preventing the client from being able to establish a connection to the desktop extension.

A common cause for this is misconfiguration of the extension number that the IMS Client must connect to.


To verify and if necessary correct the issue, open Outlook, Select Tools - Options –Integrated Messaging Tab. Insert the correct extension number into the field provided.

Once completed play the message back from the client. This above symptom should now be resolved.