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009: Quad Analog Boards

20th February 2003

Product: IP Office Quad Analog Board Version: Revision:


Avaya SMBS have received some field problem reports of IP Office Quad Analog board failures.

Operating Environment

IP Office 403, 406, 412 platforms.


Analog trunks when connected to the IP Office Quad Analog board generate continuous ringing. This problem is being investigated and, while a resolution is being sought, Avaya product support want to hear directly from our Business Partners of any instances exhibiting the following symptoms.

When the CO trunk is plugged into the Quad Analog board (on any IP Office 403, 406, 412 equipped with analog trunks), the phone (or phones) associated with the line number ring and, when answered, there is a silent call. When the CO trunk is unplugged the ringing stops. These are sometimes referred to as phantom calls.


This is caused by a defective hardware component on a specific batch of the IP Office Quad Analog boards.


To report an instance of Quad Analog Board failures, Avaya support has set up a special voicemail box at 1 732 852 2121 or, (please include your name, Business Partner Name, Distributor Name and contact details). A support engineer will then contact you regarding any necessary hardware replacement.