US Technical Tips

012: Quad Analog Boards

27th February 2003

Product: IP Office Quad Analog Board Version: Revision:


This is a follow-up and closure of the Technical Tip No. 009 regarding some field problem reports of IP Office Quad Analog board failures.

Operating Environment

IP Office 403, 406, 412 platforms.


On any IP Office 403, 406, 412 equipped with analog trunks, when the CO trunk is plugged into the Quad Analog board on an IP Office system, the phone or phones associated with the line number ring and, if answered, there is a silent call. When the CO trunk is unplugged the ringing stops.


The cause has been identified. During a specific batch processing, the test equipment in manufacturing damaged some of the boards. The equipment has been corrected and manufacturing has returned to full capacity.


If you have product that shows these symptoms, please contact your respective Avaya Authorized Distributor to get replacement units.