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014: Logon Users for CCC Reporting

April 25th 2003

Product: IP Office Version: IP Office 1.3 (x) Revision: 1.0


Configuring IP Office to allow users to Logon and Log Off when being used in a Call Center

Operating Environment

IP Office 1.3.x and above, CCC 1.3.x and above, 44xx, 46xx, or 64xx series handsets.


When running IP Office CCC, and the client application CCV or CBC, agents must be logon users, and the Hunt Group to be monitored, must not be set to Group Mode.

The CCC and CCV will not correctly report either Real Time or Archived information accurately, if the Agents are not Logon Agents.

To enable a user as a Logon Agent, open the IP Office Manager, and select the Userís Profile. Choose the Telephony Tab, and Check the Force Login Checkbox, and assign a Pin Code. The Pin Code should be a minimum of 4 digits in length.

To enable a Group to be monitored, the Group must be in Linear, Circular or Most idle Mode.

Programming Logon Options

Using the Handsets documented in the Operating Environment above, there are 3 different methods that Agents can use to logon to their stations.

  1. Using a specially programmed short code.

  2. Using a default short code.

  3. Using the Menu keys on handsets equipped with Menu buttons.

a) Using a Specially Programmed Short Code

Note: In this example #, Extension 3000 and Pin Code of 1234 will be used.

With the Short Code created and Merged to the system, the user will now be able to press #3000 to logon.

Create a Short Code with the Extension number of each user as applicable.

b) Using the Default Short Codes
c) Using the Menu Buttons on the sets

[This option is not available on 4406 and 4606 sets]


To Logoff a user that has been logged onto a set there are 3 different methods that may be used.

  1. Pre programme a Button to Logoff a user.

  2. Use a Default Short Code.

  3. Use the Menu buttons on the sets.

a) Pre programming a Button to Logoff a User
b) Use a Default Short Code
c) Use the Menu Buttons on the sets

[This option is not available on 4406 and 4606 sets]

Please Note: When an Agent Has Logged off of a station that has been set to Force Login, the Display will Indicate No User, with the Extension number.