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014b: TransTalk 9040 Static and Dropped Calls

May 20th, 2003

Product: TransTalk 9040 - Radio Module - TDL/DCP


The TransTalk 9040 TDL/DCP (not ETR) may exhibit severe static and dropped calls.

Operating Environment

TransTalk 9040 - 601A1 - TDL/DCP version - connected to TDL ports of IP Office and Magix Systems, and to the DCP Ports of Definity.


A loud burst of static followed by a dropped call.


The problem has been diagnosed to be a defective DSP on the TransTalk 9040 601A1 - TDL/DCP Radio Modules.


To report an instance of this performance issue with the TransTalk 9040, please call Avaya support at - 1-877-295-0099 and a support engineer will address your issues.