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017: E1R2 Boards & Upgrading to 1.4

11th July 2003

Product: IP Office - E1R2 boards Version: 1.4(22) GA Release


The E1R2 trunk configuration in CALA systems may not on occasion maintain Trunking parameters when upgrading from 1.3.x. to 1.4.x.

Operating Environment

E1R2 trunk boards installed on IP403, IP406 and IP412s.


When performing an upgrade from 1.3.x to 1.4.x, the configuration for the E1R2 boards in Manager will be different than what may have been configured in 1.3.x. Due to this configuration difference one-way talk may be experienced.


This issue is currently under investigation.


Please ensure to keep a note of the working configuration for the E1R2 board(s) prior to upgrading IPO to 1.4.x.

After upgrading, ensure that all parameters have the same values as prior to the upgrade.