EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

018: Installing SQL Server 2000 SP3

7th March 2003


Avaya is delighted to announce the support of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 service pack 3.

The reason for this document is to fully cover the installation procedure, following a number of queries from our customers.


Follow the following steps to install SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 for a standard CCC/CCM installation:

  1. Start the service pack installation by executing setup.bat.

  2. At the ‘Welcome’ screen select the ‘Next’ button.

  3. At the ‘Software License Agreement’ screen select the ‘Yes’ button.

  4. At the ‘Instance Name’ screen select the ‘Default’ check box and select the ‘Next’ button.

  5. At the ‘Connect to Server’ screen select the option ‘The SQL Server system administrator login information (SQL Server Authentication)’. Enter the sa login password in the ‘Enter sa password’ field and then select the ‘Next’ button.

  6. If no password exists for the sa login the ‘SA Password Warning’ window is displayed. It is recommended that if this screen displays that the option ‘I do not want a blank password, set password:’ is selected. Specify a password in the ‘Enter SA Password’ field and type the password again in the ‘Confirm SA Password’ field (it is suggested that this password is set to ‘NMYSBH’*). Select the ‘OK’ button.

  7. At the ‘Backward Compatibility Checklist’ screen ensure that the option ‘Enable cross-database ownership chaining for all databases (not recommended)’ is not selected. Ensure that the option ‘Upgrade Microsoft Search and apply SQL Server 2000 SP3 (required)’ is selected. Select the ‘Continue’ button.

  8. At the ‘Error Reporting’ screen select the option ‘Automatically send fatal error reports to Microsoft’ if you wish SQL Server error information to Microsoft. Select the ‘OK’ button.

  9. At the ‘Start Copying Files’ screen select the ‘Next’ button. Service pack 3 will then be applied.


For further information regarding SQL Server 2000 service pack 3 please read ‘sp3readme.htm’ supplied as part of the service pack installation.

In CCC version 3.0.34 and CCM version 3.1.16 the database installer prompts for the sa login password, if it is unable to login to the database server.