EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

019: Fixed Phones and Phone Manager Pro Agent Mode

19th March 2003 - Full PDF Text Version


Ensure that fixed phone users using PhoneManager Pro never select Agent Mode.

If they do, they will be logged out from their terminal, and unless they are a login user (with a login code), they will then be unable to log on again.



  1. Reboot Switch

  2. Log on as a user that has a login code, and then log off. The terminal will revert to its original extension, and correct operation will be resumed.

  3. Enter the physical extension number of the terminal the user was using into the agent mode extension number field, and click ok. Then go back in and disable Agent Mode.


It is also necessary to configure a password for every user, if there are to be PhoneManager Pro users on the site, to prevent malicious users logging on as someone else. This is because the mechanism allowing PhoneManager pro to log on the user does not take note of the login code (if configured) on the telephony tab for the user.

This is especially important in environments where certain numbers are barred for the majority of users.