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019: VoIP over Frame Relay with FRF12

17th July 2003

Product: IP Office Version: 1.4(22)


This document provides a description of the new 1.4 IP Office feature; Voice over IP (VoIP) over Frame Relay using FRF12 fragmentation.

Operating Environment

IP Office 1.4(22), System Monitor 1.4(22), Manager Application 1.4(22), Cisco SW 12.2, Cisco DTE 12.2.

IP Office and VoIP over Frame Relay with FRF 12

Currently, IP Office supports VoIP over Frame Relay only with PPP encapsulation. The new feature described in this document provides for the support of VoIP over Frame Relay using RFC1490 encapsulation and consolidates IP Office existing support for VoIP over Frame Relay. This document assumes the reader has a basic understanding of Frame Relay principles.