EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

035: Incoming Call Route Enhancements

23rd December 2003 - Full PDF Text Version


The IP Office 2.0 GA release added some Incoming Call Routing Enhancements. The Incoming Call Routing form now allows a fallback extension or group to be selected. This allows the system to route the call to the selected fallback if the primary target is busy and does not have voicemail configured.

If you select a group for the fallback destination and then merge the configuration back into the system there is the possibility that the system may reboot.

To overcome this there is a new IP Office Manager.exe 4.0(17) available for download at https://emea-businesspartner.avaya.com. Alternatively, when you want to select a group as the fallback destination you can manually enter the group number into this field to prevent any issues.