EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

036: So8 Modules in Mixed -Law / A-Law Environments

21st April 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


In version 2.0 of the IP Office core software, a feature was introduced to allow the use of 44xx series terminals in -Law companding countries, by allowing trunks to be set to a different companding than the rest of the system.

To allow this operation in these locales, the IP Office would be set to -Law for the system, and the trunks to A-Law.

If the customer has one or more So8 modules attached to the IP Office, either to route calls to other systems, or to connect video conferencing systems, ISDN terminals, or other devices, they may experience difficulties using this configuration.

With the system companding set to -Law, and the trunks set to A-Law, the other systems and devices would also need to be set to -Law. In the case of the other attached systems being IP Offices, this is obviously not an issue, as the remote IP Offices can also be changed to be -Law.

However, if the customer also has an ISDN Phone or a video conference system, or other devices attached to the So8 modules, these would also need to be configured as -Law. These devices may not support this option, and it would not be possible to use them.

The use of these devices cannot therefore be guaranteed or supported in this configuration.