EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

037: The use of Absent Messages with Phone Manager Pro

21st April 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


Currently supported versions of PhoneManager support the use of ‘absent messages’ where the user can specify one of a series of messages, then enter a text string to personalize these messages.

For example:-

Message - ‘On Holiday until’

Message text - ‘12th June 2004’


This functionality provides a user with a quick method of providing information to other internal callers, who can then better judge whether or not to leave a message or to contact a colleague instead.

PhoneManager uses TFTP messages to retrieve the absent message and associated text from the IP Office.

The TFTP message is stored as a comma separated variable in the IP Office. If the absent message includes a comma, it will corrupt the TFTP message, and cause the PhoneManager to change from ‘Pro’ to ‘Lite’ mode.

The use of commas in absent text messages should therefore be avoided.