EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

039: Clarification of Phone Manager Usage Without a Sound Card

27th April 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


On version 2.0.14 of PhoneManager, a new feature was introduced to detect whether sound mixer devices were correctly installed and configured on the PC on which PhoneManager is installed.

This was to allow the PhoneManager application to disable use of VoIP where it would not correctly work, and provide a warning to this effect to the user.

However, it has been noted that the warning message is displayed to a user without a sound card or correctly configured sound card drivers, whenever PhoneManager is started.

This is not an error message; it is merely a statement that there is no sound hardware present. It can be bypassed by clicking ‘OK’, at which point PhoneManager will continue to load, and will function correctly.

This message should not be displayed where the user does not have ‘Enable VoIP’ selected; this is incorrect behavior, and this will be addressed in the 2.1 GA release of software.