EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

042: Voicemail "Still Queued" Messages Not Output if Hunt Group Name Exceeds 12 Characters

16th July 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


The Manager field for creating a Hunt Group name is 15 characters long. This therefore means that Hunt Group names can be from 1 to 15 characters in length.

The Voicemail "queued message" field (which is an internal variable and is not user accessible) is 32 characters long. The message format is of the form:-

$ACD Transfer_Type;HuntGroup_name,Queue_Position,eta;


Therefore, for a Still-Queued ACD Transfer type you get the following:-



So of the 32 characters available:-


This leaves [32-20] 12 characters for the HuntGroup name.

The result of this is that the "Queued" message is played in place of the "StillQueued" message.

Note that this can be easily verified by using the Call Status application to monitor the calls queued.

In the instance when the "Queued" message is to be output the Voicemail message takes the format:-



So of the 32 characters available:-


This leaves [32-15] 17 characters for the Hunt Group name - which is more that the 15 allowed in the Manager so no problem occurs.