EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

046: IP Office Manager Merge Configuration Feature

19 August 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


IP Office Manager Application.

IP Office Manager Application version 4.1(15) and above.

Targeted Audience:-
Anyone who wishes to use the Merge Configuration feature provided by the IP Office Manager Application.

Reason for Tech Tip:-
This Technical Tip has been raised in response to various instances of IP Office configuration corruption resulting from the fact the Users have been using earlier versions of the IP Office Manager Application [version 4.0(xx) or 3.4(xx)] to Download and Merge configurations from (Control) Units running 2.1(15) or greater.

Please also note that the information contained within this Technical Tip will be incorporated into the next release of IP Office Documentation, when it will also be added to the on-line Knowledgebase.




The IP Office Manager application version 4.1(15) s/w provides much improved merge capabilities for Users and HuntGroups.

This s/w is provided on the IP Office 2.1 Administration CD or can be downloaded from IP Office Software Download.

Previous releases of the IP Office Manager Application [i.e. 4.0(xx) or 3.4(xx)] do NOT support full merging of Users and Hunt Groups parameters. As a consequence these versions of Manager should NOT be used to Download and Merge configurations obtained from (Control) Units running version 2.1(15) s/w or above.

To ensure that the full range of features supported by the IP Office and it’s associated applications are available to the customer you must ensure that all aspects of the System, from Phone Modules, through (Control) Units , manager Application to Wizards etc are all at the same base level of software.

Therefore to successfully configure (or re-configure) an IP Office (Control) Unit (Small Office Edition, IP403, IP406 or IP412) running version 2.1(xx) software, you are required to use the corresponding base version of the IP Office Manager application (version 4.1(15)). Failure to do so may result in corrupted configurations being sent to the IP Office (Control) Unit.

For further instructions on how to update your IP Office software; please consult the IP Office R2.1 Technical Bulletin: IP Office Release 2.1 Technical Bulletin.


Configuration Merge Option location:-
The Configuration Merge feature can be located on the "Sending Config to …" form. This form is displayed whenever the File/Save or the File/Offline/SendConfig option is selected or the Toolbar Save Icon ( ) is clicked.


A summary of the IP Office Software Merge Enhancements:-
IP Office 2.1 software now provides FULL merge capability for all Hunt Group and User configuration data.

This includes the following User items:


This includes the following Hunt Group items:


In addition the following configuration items can also be fully merged: