EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

050: IP Office 2.1(24) Stops Responding to TFTP Requests

18th October 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


In the last few days Avaya SMBS tier 3 have received a number of field escalations regarding IP Office 2.1(24). The reported problem is that the IP Office Manager application is unable to either send or retrieve a config.

At the same time there are also other symptoms such as the IP Office Phone Manager being unable to retrieve the user list from the IP Office, Voicemail Pro and Voicemail Lite experiencing connectivity problems, as well as terminals being unable to change their divert or forwarding status.

This has now been confirmed as a problem related to the TFTP Reader/Writer in the IP Office running out of available TFTP sessions with which to handle the requests that these applications and functions require.

The root cause of this issue is a timing discrepancy that can occur when a TFTP read request and a TFTP write request occur simultaneously, resulting in the lockup of a TFTP session on the IP Office.

If all of the sessions available become locked, then the IP Office is unable to service any further TFTP requests.

The situation can be relieved by rebooting the IP Office Control unit.

If you believe that you are experiencing this issue, please contact your support organisation referencing this technical tip.

The Avaya Tier 3 support team will be available to verify that the problem is valid and provide access to a temporary workaround whilst a longer term resolution is identified for inclusion in the next IP Office maintenance software release which is currently scheduled for November 2004.