EMEA IP Office Technical Tip

051: Restricting Users from Dialing External Numbers

20th October 2004 - Full PDF Text Version


A new feature, "User Restrictions," was introduced in IP Office 2.1 core software. Feedback from the field has identified the need to clarify how to use these call restrictions for individual users.

Please beware that when using "User Short Codes" to restrict outbound dialing, the user can override the call barring. This can be achieved by the user dialing the prefix digit to dial outbound, and then waiting for the dial delay timer to expire.

The User then receives dial tone and can override the user short code restrictions.

To overcome this issue, the new "User Restrictions" feature in v2.1 should be applied.

The "User Restrictions" can be found in the Manager\Main Configuration tree.

When "User Restrictions" are applied to the user, the Manager\ System\ Telephony "Dial Delay Time" will NOT be invoked.

The user has to dial digits and pass through the User Restriction Short Codes before the Dial Delay Timer is invoked.