IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

057: Windows 2003 Server and ScanSoft TTS

8th March 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


It has been noted that there is an issue when attempting to install UK English and Brazilian Portuguese Scansoft Text To Speech (TTS) functionality on Windows 2003 server which will cause the installation to fail.

Investigation has found the issue to be due to the Scansoft TTS installer. A solution for this has been incorporated into the Voicemail Pro Version 3 installation pending a resolution from Scansoft.

In order to support earlier versions of Voicemail Pro with Scansoft TTS on Windows 2003, the attached registry key can be applied to address the known issue. The attachment should be unzipped as ‘ups.reg’ and then transferred to the Voicemail Pro PC.

Double clicking the ‘ups.reg’ file once it is on Voicemail Pro PC and then rebooting will apply the required registry changes and allow these to take effect.