IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

061: Short Code Modifications for Label-less Terminals

11th April 2005 - Full PDF Text Version



With the introduction of the 54XX and 56XX series terminals, all buttons can be labeled or re-labeled with the on screen display settings and do not require paper labels. This also brings to light the fact that most end-users want to have understandable labels on the terminals. This can require more programming than prior terminals, because *17 will need to be re-labeled to ‘Voicemail’.


The Solution

By creating new Short Codes on the IP Office you can eliminate the need to re-label these buttons.

The New codes look like this:


On the User tab, instead of programming a Dial *17 button, it is possible to add a button like this:-


Knowing that all Short Codes must be unique within the system and also must not be the same as Hunt Group or User names, dashes and underscores may be used when naming your Short Codes.

It is recommended that Short Codes follow a similar naming convention as the following examples to eliminate possible issues with overlapping in naming on the system:-