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063: Correction to Fallback Service Help Test

23rd June 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


Using a Fallback Service

A Fallback Service provides an alternative route while a Service is in Fallback. For example, you may wish to connect to your ISP during working hours and at other times take advantage of varying call charges from an alternative ISP. You could therefore set up one Service to connect during peak times and another to act as fallback during the cheaper period.

You need to create an additional Service to be used during the cheaper period and select this service from the Fallback Service list box (open the Service form and select the Fallback tab).

If the original Service is to be used during specific hours and the Fallback Service is to be used outside of these hours, a Time Profile can be created. Select this Time Profile from the Time Profile list box. At the set time the original Service goes into Fallback and the Fallback Service is used.

A Service can also be put into Fallback manually using short codes, e.g:-


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