IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

065: Phone Manager Pro in a Citrix Environment

23rd June 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


When using PhoneManager Pro in a Citrix environment it has been observed that the application can appear to become unavailable.

It is important that the feature "Hide on Close" is disabled. It has been noted by Technical Support that when the Taskbar is disabled or hidden from view on the Citrix server and a user closes PhoneManager Pro with "Hide on Close" enabled it will put the application into the System Tray of the server. If this occurs, with the taskbar hidden or disabled the users will not be able to access the application.

It must also be noted that the minimum display level for PhoneManager Pro is now 16bit colour depth. Prior to Version 2.1 software the colour display supported a minimum of 256 colours however with the introduction of different application skins this has been changed to a minimum of 16bit.