IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

066: F1 or Help fails to open on System SNMP tab form

23rd June 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


When you have navigated to the Manager/System/SNMP Form (Manager/Control Unit/SNMP Form in the US) you can display the associated Help Text by either pressing the "F1" key on the keyboard or by clicking the "Help" button which is located at the bottom right hand side of the form.

This functionality was found to be broken in the 2.1 GA release (Manager version 2.1.15).

The above issue has now been fixed in the Manager Help Text which accompanies the version 3.0.40 release (Manager Help Text version 16f - February 7th 2005) however it is still an issue on Manager versions 2.1.31 and 3.0.534.

Please be aware that it is possible, in all versions of Manager, to navigate to the System/SNMP form Help page from the Manager application by:-

  1. Selecting the "Help/Contents" options from the Manager Toolbar

  2. Then select the "Configuration Forms/ System Form" book from the list displayed.

  3. Then select the "SNMP" chapter. This will then display the required Help Text.

In general, please note that if you come across any other broken links between the Manager Application and the Manager Help Text it is always possible to view the Help Text by opening the Help Text from the Manager application Toolbar and then selecting the Contents option. You can then search for Help on the required Topic or you can browse through the Books and Chapters displayed.