IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

069: Transferring Calls Using Hold on Digital Stations

23rd June 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


A user who receives or makes a call can place that call on hold and make a second call to another user, line or group.

If the user then hangs up the second call before the far end clears, the first call on hold is then transferred to the second party.

This can be avoided by using the ‘drop’ option, available either through the menus on supported terminals, or by programming a DSS/BLF key with the ‘drop’ function.

Due to the confusion that this has caused on DS (24xx, 44xx, 54xx, 64xx) and IP terminals (46xx, 56xx) this method of operation will be disabled on DS and IP terminals in a later release of software. All other terminal types will continue to support this functionality.

The recommended method of transfer is to press the TRANSFER button on a digital terminal, dial the number to transfer to, then press the TRANSFER button again.