IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

090: Loading Multiple IP Office Manager Suites

22nd August 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


If you have IP Office Manager version 3.x on your PC, you can not access all the features in IP Office version 2.x that are available and vice versa.

This tip will assist with setting up your PC so that you are able to service both IP Office version 2.x and IP Office version 3.x sites with the same PC.

  1. If you already have Manager 3.x loaded, uninstall it via Windows Add/Remove Programs. When complete, reboot.

  2. Load the Administration Suite you are going to use the least often. In most cases this will be the IP Office Manager version 2.x.

  3. Load IP Office Administration version 2.x onto the PC. When complete open Windows Browser and go to the IP Office folder at: C:\Program Files\Avaya\IP Office.

  4. Once in the IP Office folder, create a new folder under the IP Office folder called, for example, Manager21_35. (Going forward you will want to keep adding folders based on the latest version of 2.1 you are using)

  5. Copy these files from the existing Manager folder into the new Manager21_35 folder:

Manager.exe, Administrator.ops, Manager.chm, Manager.ops, Operator.ops, UpgradeWiz.exe

In addition it may be desirable to copy the country specific help files.

These help files are for the Manager and the UpgradeWiz application, and the filenames take the form of Manager.XXX and UpgradeWiz.XXX where XXX is the locale for the help text - Manager.ENU for example.

You will also want to copy any files that end in .bin - these are the binary files for the IP Office software.

  1. Rename the file manager.exe in the Manager21_35 folder to manager21_35.exe.

  2. Again using Add/Remove Programs, uninstall the IP Office Administration version 2.1 applications and perform a reboot of the PC.

  3. Now install the Admin Suite of the Manager you will use most often. In this case it will be Manager version 3.x.

  4. Right click on the renamed manager21_35.exe file and select Create Shortcut. Drag the newly created shortcut to the desktop, or other convenient location.


When you launch Manager with the standard short cut on your desktop or from within the Start/Programs menu, Manager version 3.x will open.

To open Manager version 2.x, use the shortcuts you created in step 9 above.

When using 2.x bin files to do upgrades, you will have to change the working directory to the folder where you have those 2.x bin files stored. The bin files in the default Manager Folder will be for the 3.x version firmware.