IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

092: "Line Error" Displayed on Interquartz Analog Terminals

26th September 2005 - Full PDF Text Version


A number of cases have been raised reporting that 9335-AV terminals present "Line Error" or "Out of Area" on the display. Hunt groups containing these terminals may intermittently exhibit this behaviour on the display instead of the CLI. This Technical Tip explains how to overcome this issue.

Fixes for this issue have been implemented in both the IP Office core software and the firmware of the 9335-AV terminals. It is first necessary to upgrade the IP Office to the minimum levels:


After the IP Office has been upgraded testing should be carried out to determine if the issue is still occurring. This is advisable as, depending on the firmware version of the terminals they may not require upgrading. This may avoid having to return the terminal to your supplier for upgrading.

To find out what version of firmware is installed in a 9335-AV terminal, examine the label on the base of the unit.

Locate the last 6 digits of the serial number and the four digit number on the product label (see below):

The four digit number represents the year and week the unit was manufactured. For example using the illustration above this unit was manufactured in the 13th week of 2005.

If the issue is still occurring after upgrading the IP Office system to one of the minimum software levels, terminals with firmware version 1 or 2 may need upgrading to the current level (currently version 6) to resolve the issue entirely.

For a terminal to be upgraded it will be necessary to return it to your distributor which may be chargeable.

In addition it should be noted that 9335-AV terminals will only correctly display CLI when they are used in conjunction with the mains power supply unit supplied with the terminal. Battery power on 9335-AV terminals is used solely to back up the time display and call log.