IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

117: IP Office to ACM Fax over IP Interoperation

20th January 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


The trialing of Fax-over-IP (FoIP) interoperation between IP Office and the Avaya Communication Manager (ACM) commenced with the release of IP Office V2.1 core software (refer to the 2.1 Release TB). During the trial stages changes were made to the way in which the ACM platform supported FoIP. As a result this functionality was never formally released.

Since the introduction of ACM release 2.1.1, the implementation of FoIP on the ACM has evolved from a proprietary implementation to the industry standard T.38 model. More recently, with the introduction of ACM release 3.0 it has evolved further, with the ACM supporting additional features on top of T.38 support (please refer to latest ACM documentation for further information).

Due to these on-going changes in the method of operation of the ACM, FoIP interoperability between IP Office and ACM can only be guaranteed between IP Office V2.1 and ACM 2.1.

Fax over voice over IP will continue to be supported between IP Office and ACM, as will FoIP between multiple IP Office systems.

For T.38 support between IP Office 3.0 and higher releases and ACM, 3rd party T.38 gateways should be used in order to ensure compatibility.

Fax Relay Mode is not supported by IP Office. It should also be remembered that the Fax over IP that is used by the IP Office is a proprietary version of the T.38 standard and not compatible with all of the T.38 Features.

For full details refer to the PDF version of the Technical Tip.