IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

123: IMS Clients Not Connecting When Outlook Opened

7th February 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


Avaya IP Office Voicemail Pro IMS Clients not connecting to Voicemail Pro when outlook is opened IMS Clients may experience problems when outlook is opened and the IMS software attempts to connect to the Voicemail Pro Server.

The IMS Client will try to resolve the name of the Voicemail Pro server; this will fail if the Voicemail Pro computer name includes non alphanumeric characters.

The Computer name of the Voicemail Pro server should not include non alphanumeric characters for this reason.

Examples are "Voicemail_Pro" or "machine-001".

The preferred computer name would be "VoicemailPro" or "machine001".

In addition, DNS must be setup locally in the network and the clients should have their primary DNS requests pointed to that server.