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127: Retrieving a Parked Calls from a 5402 Terminal

13th March 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


When retrieving a parked call from a 5402 terminal, the function key needs to be pressed twice to retrieve the call. After the first press of the function key, the display shows "drop" and "answer", but there are no physical keys on the terminal to retrieve the call.

On the 5402 phone, dial pad 1 through # are represented by buttons 4 to 15 in the user button programming in the Manager application (Button 3 in the user programming is not used as it is reserved.).

In the example below:

To retrieve a parked call in slot 1, press the feature button, then button 1 twice. To park a call on slot 1 using a 5402 phone, press the feature button then button 1 on the terminal once.

Another option to retrieve a parked call in slot 1 would be to use the default short code *38*N# and enter the appropriate park slot number as N - for slot one, the code would be *38*1#.