IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

134: Networking Avaya Magix with an Avaya IP Office Using PRI

13th March 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


This document is designed to expand upon the previous technical tip "Connecting IP Office to Merlin Legend and Merlin Magix", regarding networking an Avaya Magix to an Avaya IP Office via a point-to-point T1/Tie Trunk. The previous technical tip was specific to IP Office Release 1.3.37 or above.

With PRI there is the addition of Caller ID which eliminates the need for having touch tone receiver cards for T1/Tie trunks on Magix. This main focus of this technical tip is to explain the Magix programming required.




Magix Programming

NOTE: Each switch should have at least one local line for 911 or emergency type calls.



NOTE: If you have a T1 from the CO ensure that the Magix clock timing is set for Loop (versus Local) and that all other network nodes point back to the CO as the master clock. The IP Office clock should be set to network. If there is not a T1 from the CO coming into either switch use the Magix as the Primary clock by setting it to Local.


Tandem Switching

On Magix if 2 switches are tied together they can utilize each other’s lines for making calls and this is transparent to the user. This arrangement is called tandem switching. For instance: For a long distance call, the user dials the same 91xxx-xxx-xxxx, and in the ARS tables; administration is set up to delete 4 digits and adds the number 9 to route over the tandemed lines. At the other end the call goes out as a local call. (This type of arrangement can also be achieved on IP Office through the use of short codes).

On Magix:


Display information

On Magix:

Note: Configuration of this setting is ignored. The extension number will always appear on the display.


Switch Numbering (Magix only)


IP Office Requirements

Short Code = 2XX
Telephone Number = 2N
Line Group ID = (PRI connection)
Feature = Dial

NOTE: If you want to access Magix lines for outbound calls, set up the following short code on IP Office:

Short code = [9]N
Telephone Number = 9N
Line Group ID = (PRI connection)
Feature = Dial