IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

135: Multiple Voicemail Systems are not supported in a Small Community Networking (SCN)

13th March 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


When multiple IP Office systems are networked together using Small Community Networking, only Centralized Voicemail Pro can be used to provide voicemail services to all users on all nodes. Voicemail Lite and Embedded voicemail must not be used to provide centralized voicemail services as they are not supported in an SCN environment.

In a multi site IP Office configuration, if a local voicemail system is required for each site, then Small Community Networking must be disabled. SCN can be disabled by unchecking the "Voice Networking" check box in the VoIP tab of the IP Line. Disabling "Voice Networking" will disable all SCN features, thus requiring short codes to be created in order to route calls to and from remote sites.

It should be noted that when using Centralized Voicemail Pro in a Small Community Network, that only a single Voicemail Pro server can be installed per Small Community Network.