IP Office Technical Tip (Region: Global)

143: Digital Station 30 Module Version 2 (DS30V2) with 60 Watt Power Supply

2nd August 2006 - Full PDF Text Version


An issue has been experienced in the field where a DS30V2 module may constantly reboot when heavily populated with compatible digital telephones.

There is a limit to the number of telephones that can be supported on an IP Office DS30V2 Expansion Module using the current 60 Watt Power Supply packaged with the unit. Upon initial power up of the DS30V2 module it is recommended not more than 27 telephones of any type be connected. If more than 27 telephones are connected to a single DS30V2 the new modified Power Supply is recommended.

Not using the modified 60 Watt Power Supply may cause the DS30V2 to enter a state of constant reboot, which can be cleared by powering the unit down and reducing the number of terminals to bring the count to 27 or less.

The modified 60 Watt PSU can be identified by a different 13 digit code (46YPW0002UKAE). The modified PSU will be available under IP400 PSU POWERSOLVE 24V 2.5A EARTHED KIT (Comcode 700357387) PCS 1.1.